Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday Card Press......

The annual who-has-the-best-holiday-card race is on. At Pretty Printing, our “exclusive card concept” guarantees our customers cross the finish line with an utterly original card. Every customer gets an exclusive card for their zip code. No duplications, no competition. The spot on a mantel is guaranteed for your card, and your card only.

Inspiration for the “exclusive card concept” is rooted in owner Connie Feiner’s background as a former buyer for Bergdorf Goodman and Ralph Lauren. “No one wants to show up for a holiday party in the same dress,” explains Connie. “Why would you want a holiday card that looks just like your neighbors?”

The Pretty Printing 2009 Holiday Collection offers a wide range of simple, stylish designs sure to please discriminating customers. All orders can be customized in color and design and when the last stamp is licked, customers know that the card they mailed is uniquely theirs.

Visit for selections from our collection and see why Real Simple and lifestyle website PopSugar voted Pretty Printing one of the best holiday card sites on the web.

Pretty Printing also makes gift giving easy, offering an assortment of chic and cheerful items at the alluring price point of $25. Look to us for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers and desk calendars.

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