Saturday, October 20, 2012


TOP 5 TIPS FOR HOLIDAY CARDS - by Pretty Printing

After ten years of designing Holiday cards, we thought we'd share our tips to make this year's card your best one yet !

1. PHOTO - Whether you’re using a photo you took with your iPhone or a professional photographer, remember, natural settings and smiling family members always make for the most memorable cards. Matching snowflake sweaters are not necessary however, a color coordinated family always makes for a fabulous photo ! 

 2. ADDRESS LIST - If you don’t have a master list from last year, begin gathering address for your list in November. If you do have a list, remember to add and update current addresses.

 3. POSTAGE Remember it’s not just the weight that determines postage, it’s size. (we try not to giggle while reading that one, but can’t help ourselves).

 4. MAIL DATE -  Cards may be mailed the day after Thanksgiving, no one wants to receive a holiday themed card prior to Thanksgiving ! Sure everyone will think you’re super organized, but it’s a little much. Make sure your cards are in the mail by December 15th, this gives you enough time for your friends/family to receive, ooh, aaah, and enjoy.

5. ETIQUETTE - Add a personal touch and sign your cards, or add a simple xoxo (when appropriate) it makes the recipient feel special ! 

 Happy Holidays !
 Pretty Printing

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